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Patent annuity administration

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    Rather than having multiple agents managing small sections of the portfolio separately, Markpro allows our clients to consolidate their patent, design, and utility model renewal requirements. MARKPRO's patent annuity and renewal services provide the benefits of convenience, security, and cost-effective management.

    By consolidating the renewal requirements, the client receives all the renewal reminders in the desired format, listing all the payments under a single currency. The entire annual renewal records can be viewed on a few itemized invoices. We also provide urgent payment procedures and electronic data transfer for efficient handling of charges and information.

    Patent annuity administration allows for greater security by providing updated checks on our clients' case data. By having an additional portfolio record maintained by a highly advanced computerized procedure, our clients can rest assure that their data remain accurate and up-to-date.

    Markpro patent annuity administration provides renewals in bulk rates and reduced service charges. Our services are all-inclusive and direct payments are made to the relevant IP offices all over the world. Our procedure provides administrative cost savings and budgetary savings resulting from efficient cash flow.